Nature Adventure Walk
December 16, 2009, 3:33 PM
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On the 25th of November, the Trailblazers set foot in the Wallace Environmental Centre once again, this time bringing 6 pupils for our Nature Adventure Walk. These students, aged 11-12, came from Henry Park Primary School. They were really excited for this NAW, because, as they told one of our members, they have ‘never been to something like this before!’

With the enthusiasm of the students and the determination of the Trailblazers team, our NAW went very smoothly indeed. This was despite the day’s condition – the sun was sweltering hot, and the mosquitoes seemed to swarm us at every opportunity. However, this was easily solved by taking a few breaks along the way, so that the pupils can rest and have snacks. Even though doing this took up more time, we know that ultimately, the welfare of the children is most important.

The children all had positive comments regarding our Nature Adventure Walk. One boy had told a Trailblazers member that he found nature ‘boring’, and ‘spent most of (his) time playing computer games’. However, at the end of the NAW, he described the experience as being ‘quite fun’. This is an example of the attitude we have during this project: We understand that children are unable to gain an appreciation of nature within 3 hours, and therefore that is not our aim. What we strive to do is present nature in a fun and fascinating manner, such that even if they are not suddenly devoted nature enthusiasts, they can still leave with a heightened interest in the natural world.

Their teacher-in-charge, Ms Michelle Tan, was very impressed with our Nature Adventure Walk, and hopes to collaborate with us for future learning journeys as well. Here is what she had to say: The good intermix of games, art, hands-on planting and scientific theory was one of the most engaging nature programmes we have experienced. Well done!

Pictures of the students participating in our NAW were also put up on their blog for public viewing. They may be accessed here:

The Trailblazers team is very glad for this opportunity to serve the younger generation once again! Special thanks go Ms Michelle Tan, who have agreed for us to conduct the trail and made arrangements for this activity to take place, as well as the six participants for their positive outlook and enthusiasm!


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