Into The Wild!
March 18, 2010, 12:42 PM
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For the first time ever, Trailblazers collaborated with Team.doc to organize the Get Wild! Camp! Thanks to the support of our team members and volunteers, as well as the enthusiasm of the 23 participants, the camp was a great success.

The participants managed to gain much knowledge of Nature and the history of Dairy Farm, while having tons of fun at the same time in the natural environment. This is because Get Wild! Camp is partly based on its predecessor, the highly successful Nature Adventure Walk. This camp includes the best activities from the Nature Adventure Walk, and other new activities were added as well. Through these games and activities, the participants gained knowledge on nature such as pollination, plant types, animals and their characteristics, predator-prey relationships, and much more. The camp provided an informative and exciting way for children to learn more about the natural environment.

One particular activity was the Treasure Hunt, held at the end of the camp, which was a popular hit with the participating children. Slips of paper containing answers were placed in tetra paks and hidden in various corners of Dairy Farm Nature Park. They also had clues which led the children to other tetra paks in the area. The children had a very exciting time exploring the nature park and searching for the hidden tetra paks. At the end of the Treasure Hunt, there was a Speed Question Quiz, which tested the participants on the concepts and knowledge they learned during the camp itself. The participants were extremely eager in answering the questions, and shouts of ‘Eureka!’, the word used when they know the answer, could be heard all over the Wallace Education Learning Lab.

The camp garnered very positive response, which meant a lot to our team as we encountered some difficulties along the way, and it was a whole new experience for us. The participants described the camp’s activites as ‘fun’, and said that they would be most willing to come for the next Get Wild! Camp. The parents, too, called our camp ‘a good effort’. Our mentor for the Young ChangeMakers grant also commented positively on the camp.

Get Wild! Camp was an excellent opportunity for the Trailblazers to gain experience in organizing larger-scale nature camps. It was also the first time we collaborated with another group for a project, and the first time we opened up our nature activities to the public. This camp was indeed a great milestone for our team!

The Trailblazers are truly glad to be able to serve the community once again, this time on a larger scale. We hope that the children of Singapore can learn about the natural environment in an interactive and engaging manner. Hence, we will continually strive to improve our nature activities and outreach, and draw children even closer to nature!

Another exciting Get Wild! Camp will be coming up soon. For further details, watch this space!


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I find that your programme is interesting. But sad to say, it is only for the age group of 7 to 12. Would you consider the 13+ age.

I would very much like my daughter to social and to learn from you guys. I hope that I will see more activities during the June holidays.

Regards Emily

Comment by Emily Lim

Dear Emily,

Thanks for your interest in our programme! However, our target audience is upper primary students, as we wish to focus on that age group. We are targeting children from 9 to 12 years old, because at this age, they enjoy physical activity, are highly curious and impressionable, and can still be weaned away from hi-tech pastimes.

We feel that targeting secondary students (ages 13 and over) may be difficult as they have a different mindset from primary school students, and connecting them to nature may require other approaches. Also, our activities in our Nature Adventure Walk are not catered to that age group. We would prefer to keep our target audience below the ages of 13, and so, we apologize that we would not be extending our target audience to ages 13 and over.

May I know how old your daughter is? During the June holidays, we will be away for an overseas competition, and so having activities then would be difficult. However, do look out for more updates on our wordpress regarding future activities! For example, would you and your daughter like to sign up for our Public Nature Adventure Walk on Labour Day? :)

Thank you!

Regards, The Trailblazers

Comment by naturetrailblazers

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